DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 3.240 x 1.300 x 1.350 mm    IGNITION: C.D.I
  ENGINE TYPE: 4 strokes, single cylinder, air-cooled    BRAKE TYPE (F/R): Drum/drum
  ENGINE MODE: 150cc  or  200cc    FRONT TYRE: 500-12
  CARRIAGE (LxWxH): 1700 x 1200x1200 mm    REAR TYRE: 500-12
  TRANSMISSION MODE: shaft, with 5 Forward +1 Reverse     VEHICLE WEIGHT: 300 kg
  DRIVE TYPE: Axle    MAX. LOADING: 400kgs (insulated cargo box)
  STARTING MODE: Electric and Kick Starter    MAX. SPEED: 60km/h